Month: August 2020

An Overview of Floating Point Equality
August 28, 2020

As software engineers, particularly in the test and measurement industry, the singular purpose for many of our programs is determining whether a given DUT has passed or failed. How do we do this? Well, we measure things: voltages, currents, resistances, temperatures… the list goes on and on. But the measurements themselves aren’t sufficient. We need […]

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Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs Episode 6: Daniel Robinson, Red 6
August 20, 2020

Like many teenage boys in the 1980’s, when Daniel Robinson saw Top Gun, he had visions of one day becoming a real-life Maverick, flying planes at mach speeds. Unlike most Top Gun fans, Robinson actually turned that dream into a career that led to the creation of Red 6, a company that is now revolutionizing […]

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Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs Episode 5: Paul Hiller, Hiller Measurements
August 11, 2020

Episode 5 of Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs (ae2) is a special one. In this episode, we have a conversation with our own founder, Paul Hiller, about how Hiller Measurements came to be. Paul is a second-generation business owner who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His father had a company in the oil industry, and, […]

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