Test Instrumentation

Test Instrumentation

Some instruments are too specialized or too costly for Tier 1 instrumentation companies to design and build.

We’re Here When COTS Instrumentation Isn’t

With our own platforms that expand and customize trusted technology, Hiller Measurements creates custom instruments for Test and Measurement organizations and large companies with acute testing requirements.

OEM Product Design

Your instrumentation and deadline – our program management and assembly.

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Proven Technology

Platforms for Rapid Instrumentation Development

Hiller Measurements uses MiPXIe and P-XLe platforms, based on trusted, proven technology to design and build custom systems that:  

  • Overcome obsolescence
  • Replace VXI instrumentation
  • Meet budget requirements without paying for unneeded functionality
  • Provide custom signal routing and conditioning
  • Feature custom switching capabilities
  • Offer the exact serial ports needed

Companies Trust Hiller

Join the growing base of customers that use Hiller Measurements for custom test instrumentation: