Power Storage Test

Power Storage Test

Traditional test and measurement providers haven’t addressed supercapacitor production or QA test — until now. 

By Selling Hiller Measurements’ Benchtop Tester Alongside Your Supercapacitors, Your Customers Can QA Test with Your Measurement Science and Communicate with You Easily if Issues Arise, Saving Time and Frustration All Around.

Supercapacitor Test Solutions Powered by Hiller Measurements. 

Electric Vehicles

Inherent quick discharge of supercapacitors improves start/stop systems and provides engine assistance with regenerative braking and acceleration smoothing. Additionally, supercapacitors increase battery life, protecting the investment in expensive electric vehicle batteries.

IOT Devices

Supercapacitors provide energy harvesting systems that power communication for IOT devices, providing a power buffer to store enough energy for power bursts (pulse power) needed to acquire and transmit data during peak demand, particularly if data will be transmitted across a wireless network. More easily charged than batteries, supercapacitors can be charged and harvest energy from the environment.

Extended Battery Life

When configured alongside a battery, supercapacitors extend battery life by offloading the stress of high transient loads. The supercapacitor helps keep the energy going into and out of the battery in a more constant state, without putting undue pressure on the battery.

Backup Power Supply

Supercapacitors’ inherent characteristics make them ideal for backup power supplies for devices like smartphones, real time clocks, camera flash, smart meters-servers, and solid-state drives.

Stop Reconfiguring. Start Shipping.

Reusing R&D testers is a cumbersome, expensive approach to production testing for supercapacitors. Hiller’s supercapacitor test platform is based on P-XLe, an expansion to the proven PXI platform, providing a simple, scalable testing solution so you can quickly, accurately, and inexpensively validate and move products.

Make Supercapacitor Testing Super Simple


Production Test.

Escalate supercapacitor production and increase throughput with dedicated production testers. Test to your exact specifications with scalable systems that deliver accurate results so you have confidence in the test data.


QA Testing. 

A QA test solution that makes it easy for customers to test, incorporate, adopt, and use your supercapacitor. Allow customers to validate your supercapacitor upon receipt with the same test functionality and measurement science used in production.

Connect, Select, and Test: Uncomplicated Supercapacitor QA Testing.

Testing incoming supercapacitors shouldn’t be complicated. With Hiller’s line of Benchtop Supercapacitor Test Instruments, simply connect a supercapacitor, select your supercapacitor to prepopulate your manufacturer’s test set, and begin testing in just a few clicks.

Benefits of the Hiller Measurements
Supercapacitor Test Platform

High Density

A production tester with 5x the density (up to 256 channels) of traditionally available testers.

Cost Effective

Achieve 25% of the cost of reusing R&D testers for production test.

Quick Access

A single-channel, plug-and-play benchtop instrument for streamlined QA testing.

Standardized Testing

Access and test to full IEC standards or use quicker QA methods.

Ready to Make Life Easier?

Contact Hiller Measurements for more information about our supercapacitor production test platform or the benchtop tester.