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Some of the best test engineering experts are also our customers.

Engineering Directors

A proven approach to a custom solution for management that needs to stick to a schedule and budget…and would rather skip the red tape of a Tier 1 company.

Government Program Managers

Get up and running quickly with exact solutions from a proven provider that come with meticulous documentation.

Senior Test Engineer

Expand your capabilities with a complementary design and build team to take on the aspects of a project you need to offload — so you can excel where you’re best.

How We Work

When engineering design and build processes work in a way that’s intuitive, efficient, and accountable, great things happen.

We use Hiller Measurements Flow Control, a proven process that takes test solutions from initial concept to custom design, delivered in a matter of weeks — not months or years.

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Our Capabilities

OEM System Design

Turnkey test system design and build, bespoke to your needs, and to your schedule.

Build-to-Print Manufacturing

It’s never as straightforward as you want it to be. Use a team with expert design engineers and lean manufacturing.


The specificity of custom design. The ease of a COTS platform.


PXI, but more: More slots, more functionality, more ways to overcome obsolescence.

OEM Product Design

Your instrumentation. Your deadline. Our man-hours.


Where are your design and manufacturing facilities?

Our design and manufacturing is completed start-to-finish in the US with 50,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing space outside Austin, TX and more to come in Orlando, FL.

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Model-Based Design: Hype? Or the Future…
May 25, 2022

Like most organizations, public or private, Hiller Measurements is driven to produce more value, faster and leaner than ever before, while improving overall quality. How do you do that? For many, the answer seems to be “you can’t,” which becomes the assumed reality until a single organization proves otherwise. We’re not waiting for someone else […]

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