Our Capabilities

We live and breathe test, so you can focus on getting your products right

Quality Test Solutions at Speed

From custom test instruments to design and manufacturing of complete test systems, our solutions are based on platforms you trust and backed by decades of experience.

Test Instrumentation

Platforms like MiPXIe and P-XLe expand on the instrumentation you know and trust, but need more from, while custom instrument design services niche applications.

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Custom RF Assemblies

We apply engineering acumen not only to test, but also to custom RF assemblies and instrumentation.

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We Re-Invented the Test Engineering Process

We’ve implemented Hiller Measurements Flow Control, a proven process that moves from static cell to moving manufacturing line to standardize processes and lean out production.

Our Expertise

High-quality test platforms, solutions, and processes.



OEM Product Design

Engineering Support

Build-to-Print Manufacturing

OEM Test System Design

Chassis and Controllers

Chassis and Controllers

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Hiller Measurements

Hiller Measurements designs mission-critical test instrumentation, assemblies, and systems for growing industries including aerospace/defense, medical devices, test and measurement, 5G,and power storage.