MiPXIe Executes Custom Ideas with COTS PXIe

MiPXIe Executes Custom Ideas with COTS PXIe

With MiPXIe, engineers can meet their unique application requirements using the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) PXIe platform they know and trust.

The fastest way to go from idea to working design.

Escalate development opportunities without adding recurring expenses:

Easy to Use

Easily design, develop, and deploy a PXIe banded up or down converter with the unique performance your application needs.

Limitless Applications

With a high-channel-count serial protocol and 22 lines in and 10 lines out, MiPXIe is perfect for applications ranging from custom measurement cards to complex RFIUs.

Save Space

MiPXIe offers a significant size reduction over most catalog instruments while also allowing you to save valuable rack space by developing RFIUs in a PXI module rather than a separate chassis.

Quickly Manage Obsolescence

Extend the life of critical systems by quickly porting obsolete cards from legacy test systems to the MiPXIe platform.

Measurement Made Easy

MiPXIe-based instruments are developed from a COTS PXIe core to provide all the control lines, programmable power, and signal monitoring required to control your custom circuitry. Additionally, MiPXIe modules are shipped with an IVI software driver for increased flexibility and support. With MiPXIe, you can marry your complex ideas to standard PXIe control, COTS drivers, and excellent warranty and support.

Make PXIe Work for You

PXIe is quickly becoming the preferred platform for fielding test systems. While there are numerous PXIe modules available from reputable vendors that work well for many systems, what about the applications that have unique requirements where a standard PXIe solution just cannot meet the requirements? That’s where the Hiller Measurements MiPXIe platform comes in.

Key Applications

Expand Your Resources

Are you are a test and measurement instrumentation company with limited resources looking to bring your next great PXIe product to market? We can help.

Mitigate VXI Obsolescence

If VXI obsolescence is creating havoc in your test organization, MiPXIe can fix that.

Develop Custom Switching and Signal Conditioning

Unlike traditional PXI systems, MiPXIe was designed to accommodate development of custom switching and signal conditioning.

Expand Beyond Traditional PXIe Functionality

Can’t find a COTS PXIe instrument to meet your needs? MiPXIe might be the answer to creating the functionality crucial to your success.

Download the MiPXIe Data Sheet

Learn how the MiPXIe development system can help you quickly go from idea to working design.