Mass customization and expedited delivery of cables and harnesses for mission-critical applications

ProteusATE Cables and Harnesses (ProteusC&H) is based on an ever-expanding catalog of connectors, wire, and associated components, all fully modeled, in-stock, and ready for industry 4.0 design.

With ProteusC&H, we’ve removed substantial supply-chain and schedule risk common among other vendors.

ProteusC&H provides:

Accelerated Schedules

Modernized manufacturing capability reduces manufacturing time by more than half, removes un-scheduled rework, and increases overall product quality of traditional production methods.

Minimal Non-Recurring Expense

Harnesses designed wholly from the ProteusC&H catalog require no additional non-recurring or setup expense, making complex design far more economical.

Strategic Supply Chain Agreements

Strategic supply-chain agreements in place for ProteusC&H components ensure part selection with minimal supply-chain risk.

Digitally Threaded Data

ProteusC&H is digitally threaded to Hiller Measurements’ modern manufacturing lines, designed for high-mix, low-to-medium-volume production of ProteusC&H assemblies.

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ProteusATE Product Platforms
Leverage Industry 4.0

We’ve developed a seamless, digitally threaded process to take you from concept through full production at a pace the industry has never experienced. ProteusATE Cables & Harnesses is one of many platforms that leverage processes to produce quality test equipment at speed.


Custom RFIUs in as little as 4 weeks from initial conversation to final product delivery.

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ProteusRF Sim

Simulate real-world RFIU performance during system design.

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Complex cabling and harnesses for mission-critical test systems.

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Custom, quality interface adapters delivered with unprecedented speed.

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Digital Threading Means No More Waiting

Take a model-based approach for cable and harness design and manufacturing.

Digital threading is the process of connecting formerly disparate value-added steps or processes through software, resulting in substantive reductions in cost and cycle times – and it’s the way we’re re-thinking our business and truly creating meaningful change that benefits our customers.

By connecting formerly manual steps with automated, model-based workflows, we made most documentation unnecessary, reduced cycle times, and minimized necessary labor.

From Initial Concept to Final Design



We maintain the same high-quality and repeatability standards as the largest technology providers, but with a more nimble and agile approach.



Hiller Measurements provides a structured manufacturing model that is flexible, transparent, and designed to provide determinism around schedule and technical risk. 

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