Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement

We’re the instrument developer behind your favorite instrument developer. Hiller measurements creates niche instruments that help large-scale T&M companies differentiate and sell more COTS hardware.

Get Ahead with Premium Instruments for Specialized Needs. 

Test & Measurement Solutions, Powered by Hiller Measurements.

Power Storage Test

Supercapacitor benchtop instruments for simple QA testing.


Custom switching and signal conditioning instruments for radar test.

Aerospace and Defense

Functional test instrumentation for mission-critical applications including radar and electronic warfare.

Medical Devices

Production test solutions for medical devices — from implantable devices to ultrasound and MRI equipment, to wearable and subcutaneous medical devices.

Subsystems with Exceptional Financial Value and Exceptional Performance.

Solid State Switching

Inherently complex, solid state switches offer dynamic performance and are often key to a large instrumentation sale. Hiller Measurements creates low-power solid-state switches that allow for high-voltage throughput. 

Products that Fit Your Business

Test Instruments

Benchtop or Rackmount

OEM Products

Hardware Design

The Speed You Need

With Hiller Measurements Flow Control process, we can engage and identify design plans and start working faster than large-scale instrumentation organizations. We invite you into a culture of quick, iterative design and prototyping that accelerates development and can then transition seamlessly to our manufacturing operations. You’ll be done and moving forward in no time.

Benefits of Test and Measurement
with Hiller Measurements

Quality at Speed

Leverage our proven flow control process with clear checkpoints and timelines.

Agile, Nimble Teams

We’re able to ramp quickly, work efficiently, and pivot when necessary.

Risk Management

Identify and mitigate risk early through designs and protyping.

Lean Manufacturing

With in-house manufacturing, we can minimize waste — wasted time, resources, or effort — to deliver quickly.

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