OEM Product Design

OEM Product Design

The design you want when you can’t quite do it yourself.

When the world’s largest T&M companies have an idea for a new product, but no resources to create it, they come to Hiller

OEM Product Design Applications

Production Test Instruments

Hiller Measurements designs specialized production test instrumentation for 5G applications.

VXI Obsolescence Solutions with P-XLe

P-XLe takes the PXI platform you know and trust, and adds the expanded functionality you need to overcome obsolescence. With more slots and more opportunity, it’s the solution for overcoming obsolete VXI instrumentation.

Supercapacitor Test

We developed the world’s first production test systems for supercapacitors, and packaged the same measurement science used on the large-scale production floor into a single-channel benchtop instrument for incoming supercapacitor QA testing.

Signal Conditioning

We develop custom PXIe instrumentation for application-specific signal conditioning.

Quality at Speed with Hiller Measurements 

Quick Progress

Design and approvals within hours, not weeks or even months.

No Red Tape

With an agile design and build firm, you get fewer levels of overhead.

Fast Feedback Loops

Get direct feedback and stay informed with tight, nimble design teams.

Flow Control

Proven manufacturing processes with clear checkpoints.

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