Proteus ATE

The ProteusATE family includes a collaborative portal and proven product platforms.

See how we take test instrumentation from concept to manufacturing in weeks rather than months.

The Proteus Design Center:
Our Client-Side Single Source of Truth

A digital portal where we meet and collaborate on your custom test system design.

The traditional process of waiting for specs and a set Statement of Work before starting development slows test system development immensely. With the ProteusATE Design Center, we create the SOW in a 2-4 hr design sprint.

It really is that simple and at this point, you’re not even under contract yet. Take your design anywhere, but because we’ve designed for manufacturability and have vetted components on-hand, we’re ready today. We’ve also thought ahead to streamline communication among our teams, so we’ll be ready to accommodate your customer’s changes in design requirements tomorrow.

Reduce risk, speed production, and increase fidelity.

ProteusATE Product
Platforms Leverage Industry 4.0

We’ve developed a seamless, digitally threaded process to take you from concept through full production at a pace the industry has never experienced.
Current and future platforms include:


Custom RFIUs in as little as 4 weeks from initial conversation to final product delivery.

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ProteusRF Sim

Simulate real-world RFIU performance during system design.

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Complex cabling and harnesses for mission-critical test systems.

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Custom, quality interface adapters delivered with unprecedented speed.

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Digital Flow Means No More Waiting

The ProteusATE Design Center brings industry-leading digital tools to deliver expedited design and manufacturing flows.

Pillars of the ProteusATE Design Center include:

  • A cyber secure portal where Hiller Measurements, customers, and vendors connect and collaborate
  • Common platforms shared by system architects and engineering teams to streamline development
  • Digitally-threaded conversation allowing for transparent communication throughout the process
  • A readily accessible inventory of world-class components from leading instrumentation companies
  • Real-time insight Into designs and manufacturing lines without the traditionally required travel
  • Over 41,000 sq ft of design/manufacturing space dedicated to customized functional test equipment

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Addressing the Demands of Growth

To deliver Quality@Speed we created a set of principles, process, and innovations to address continued growth and bring value to our clients.

Custom RFIUs in Weeks, Not Months

We now can design an RFIU in hours and manufacture, test, and ship a first article in as little as four weeks from acceptance of an order.

ProteusATE Design Center Is Here

Join us on our journey to create the ideal digital collaboration environment for designing electronic test solutions with ProteusATE Design Center.

Introducing ProteusRF Sim

Use model-based design tool to create digital twins of complex RF assemblies in minutes and bring unprecedented certainty to final designs.