P-XLe: PXIe’s Big Brother

P-XLe: PXIe’s Big Brother

With the same PXIe backplane you know and trust, the Hiller Measurements P-XLe chassis provides the connections you need to seamlessly replace obsolete VXI instrumentation and still leverage the benefits of the entire PXIe ecosystem.

New capabilities and answers to old obsolescence.

P-XLe brings expanded capabilities to test:

Higher Density Modular Test Solution

The 8U P-XLe chassis is a smaller footprint test solution that fits in the same, or less, space as a legacy VXI chassis, making it uniquely designed for production test.

Open Architecture to Leverage the Entire PXIe Ecosystem

P-XLe leverages backplane technology from National Instruments , allowing for mixing of all commercially available PXI, PXIe, and P-XLe modules.

Patented Innovative Technology

The patented P-XLe platform offers rear I/O capabilities, an industry first.

Simple Third-Party Integration

P-XLe offers out-of-the-box integration with mechanical connectivity solutions from Virginia Panel and Mac-Panel.

An Out-of-the-Box yet Still Customizable Solution for Managing Obsolescence

The Hiller Measurements P-XLe chassis is an open-architecture platform that combines today’s vast ecosystem of commercially available PXI and PXIe instruments. The P-XLe chassis features incrementally more space than VXI for the current and future instruments your applications demand, and far more space than 6U PXI.

Your Key to Accelerating Custom Instrumentation

P-XLe features the ability to field new instruments requiring larger form-factor cards. With new P-XLe instrumentation capabilities continuously in the works, and the ability for companies to license P-XLe technology to develop custom instrumentation, we guarantee that P-XLe can offer your organization the functionality it needs.

Key Applications

RF and Microwave

Expanded to hold more cards, P-XLe is well-suited for high-channel-count and complex applications such as RF signal conditioning.

Core ATE Switching

Standardized switching infrastructure to streamline costs and provide better isolation.

VXI Obsolescence Replacement

Allows for more effective design space than the commercially obsolete VXI form factor. 

Modular Power Storage Device Testing

Validates equivalent series resistance, capacitance, and leakage and can be configured specifically for your line of supercapacitors.

Download the P-XLe Data Sheet

Review P-XLe chassis specs and learn more about the P-XLe modules available.