Design, Manufacture, Test, and Ship Custom Cables in 4 Weeks with ProteusC&H

Today, we announced ProteusATE Cable and Harness (ProteusC&H), a model-based platform providing custom design and expedited delivery of cables and harnesses for mission-critical applications at scale.

Supply chain issues have become a huge challenge for industrial organizations requiring custom equipment. In response, we’ve developed ProteusC&H with vast catalogs of supply-chain vetted components, pre-modeled for expedited design. From here, manufacturing operations leverage digital thread to expedite build times while delivering robust quality in every cable or harness. This approach enables complex design and manufacturing of cables and harnesses far more efficiently than before.

ProteusC&H designs require little to no non-recurring expense to develop, providing enormous leverage to the client needing a small run of complex assemblies.

Explore the new ProteusC&H Catalog:

This announcement follows the announcement of ProteusRF Sim, a model-based design environment for evaluating real-world performance of complex RF Interface Units using digital-twin modeling, furthering Hiller Measurements’ commitment to model-based design to deliver quality at speed for our clients.

Explore the catalog of available cables and connectors by visiting

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