Proteus Design Center Brings Quality at Speed to Test Hardware Design

Today we announced the Proteus Design Center, a digital portal that brings Hiller Measurements and client teams together to collaboratively design test system architectures using industry 4.0 technology in the cloud quickly.

The Proteus Design Center provides:

  • Secure, Available-Anytime Virtual Meeting Space: Reducing the need for serial, standing meetings and providing the venue for collaboration
  • Project-Level Single Source of Truth: Communication, data, and tools, are all facilitated in a seamless environment acting as a repository for current designs
  • Access to the Proteus Catalogs: Curated Catalogs of parts, models, and supply-chain availability presented to remove non-recurring design risk, cost, and schedule
  • Local Access for Remote Teams: Freeing schedules from demanding cross country travel once required to see progress
  • A Foundation for Digital Thread: Shared libraries, project-level PLM data, and mutually referenced design models all available to develop custom thread between Hiller Measurements and their clientele

As a result, the Proteus Design Center is a portal where test system design and manufacturing that traditionally takes 6+ months — now takes only weeks.

ProteusRF, announced last month, is the first customizable test platform to leverage the Proteus Design Center. Together with clients, we now can design an RFIU in hours and manufacture, test, and ship a first article in as little as four weeks from acceptance of an order. Hiller Measurements continues to build out additional test platforms so customers can leverage the benefits of the Proteus Design Center for the development of their entire system.

Interested in learning more? Read about the Proteus Design Center or schedule a tour.