Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs Episode 6: Daniel Robinson, Red 6

Like many teenage boys in the 1980’s, when Daniel Robinson saw Top Gun, he had visions of one day becoming a real-life Maverick, flying planes at mach speeds. Unlike most Top Gun fans, Robinson actually turned that dream into a career that led to the creation of Red 6, a company that is now revolutionizing air combat training through advancements it’s made in augmented reality.

In episode 6 of Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs (ae2), we hear how Robinson took his life-long passion for flight from his backyard when, as a young boy, he would thrust his arms out like Superman hoping he would take off to becoming the first person from outside the United States to fly an F22 Raptor. As a result of this experience in the US military, Robinson learned first-hand about the pain points involved in properly training pilots for combat today. Therefore, in 2017, he founded Red 6 and developed the Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System (A-TARS), a revolutionary approach to augmented reality that allows pilots and ground operators to see synthetic threats like they never have before – in real-time, outdoors, and critically in high-speed environments.

If you are unfamiliar with ae2, this Web-series from Hiller Measurements is a long-form interview-style program that explores thought leaders at the “business end” of companies, creative works, and research. In each episode, Hiller Measurements’ President Jeff Olsen explores the creative drive, personal motivations, and stories of perseverance of visionaries who are still “in the hunt.

Through ae2, our aim is to find the business model in the engineering mind, the drive and technique a gifted artist is developing, and the impact for good that outweighs the personal risk taken on by bold business creators. Overall, the goal of our series is to inspire viewers to step out, build, and create.

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