Month: May 2022

Model-Based Design: Hype? Or the Future…
May 25, 2022

Like most organizations, public or private, Hiller Measurements is driven to produce more value, faster and leaner than ever before, while improving overall quality. How do you do that? For many, the answer seems to be “you can’t,” which becomes the assumed reality until a single organization proves otherwise. We’re not waiting for someone else […]

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Simulate Real-World RFIU Performance During System Design with Proteus RFSim
May 10, 2022

Today, we announced Proteus RFSim, a model-based design tool for evaluating real-world performance of complex RFIUs using digital-twin design. With Proteus RFSim, we can work with clients to easily simulate real-world RF assembly performance in the design phase. Proteus RFSim then digitally threads the RFIU specifications to Hiller Measurements and the company manufactures the custom […]

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