Keysight N6700C Series

In HPR 3, Elliot reviews the Keysight N6700C power supply, which only requires 1U of rack space yet has four slots in the back for a variety of modules. This configuration allows for a lot of functionality including output disconnect, reverse polarity, fine control over output timing, and individual relay control of each module. He also discusses the unique air flow requirements of this module and how to easily overcome this.

Hiller Product Reviews

Learning a new instrument has a cost. Thus, we’ve become prudent as to when and which instruments we choose to make those new investments. When we design using this catalog, schedules will be dramatically better and budgets lower. That’s something we can all get excited about.

These Hiller Product Reports (HPR) each cover an instrument in the HMFC catalog, why and what we use it for, and perhaps more interesting, what we’ve learned about that instrument after using it a number of times. We'll share our experience and the things you won't hear in the demo.

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