Keysight M980xA Network Analyzer

In HPR 1, Hiller Measurements senior engineer Gerry Hiller offers a comprehensive review of the Keysight M980xA Network Analyzers. These instruments offer a small PXI form factor and can be used to create up to a 50-channel network analyzer in a single chassis. The M980x series can further save space with multi-mode functionality that reduces switching and also lower costs by allowing easy reuse of existing Keysight software.

Hiller Product Reviews

Learning a new instrument has a cost. Thus, we’ve become prudent as to when and which instruments we choose to make those new investments. When we design using this catalog, schedules will be dramatically better and budgets lower. That’s something we can all get excited about.

These Hiller Product Reports (HPR) each cover an instrument in the HMFC catalog, why and what we use it for, and perhaps more interesting, what we’ve learned about that instrument after using it a number of times. We'll share our experience and the things you won't hear in the demo.

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