White Glove Build-to-Print Manufacturing

White Glove Build-to-Print Manufacturing

Hiller Measurements’ team of experts is adept at handling the grey areas that can traditionally become pain points in build-to-print engagements — from managing obsolescence, to working through missing documentation, to understanding related tribal knowledge.

Large enough to be reliable and stable, yet small enough to be agile and valuable.

Get accurate, reliable systems:

Manufacturing Flow Control

We use a scalable manufacturing approach designed to minimize flow disruption and enable deterministic cycle times while increasing build quality.

Working from Existing TDPs

No matter the level of detail, we can take your existing technical data package in its native format and edit and revise as necessary to build the system that will work best for your needs.

Quality in Every Deliverable

With our structured manufacturing process and compliance with industry standards such as IPC-A-610 and ISO 9001:2015, we guarantee quality control across the build cycle.

A Return to Craftsmanship

We believe that getting the details perfect is what ultimately affects your performance. It’s about precision and efficiency. That’s why we take care to get everything right.

Test System Built with Exceptional Value and Predictable Schedules

The Hiller Measurements flow control process ensures we provide a deterministic schedule with respect to test system build and delivery.

End-to-End Manufacturing for Your Designed Specifications



Hiller Measurements provides a structured manufacturing model that is flexible, transparent, and designed to provide determinism around schedule and technical risk. 



We maintain the same high-quality and repeatability standards as the largest technology providers, but with a more nimble and agile approach.

Predictable Schedule and Quality Build

Test System Builds

We can perform full test system builds to existing designs using all relevant quality standards and certifications.

Electronic Interface Hardware Builds

We build interface hardware with exceptional quality and value.

RF Switching Builds

We use our engineering expertise to understand and build highly complex RF switch chassis.

Mechanical Hardware and Fixturing Builds

We build our mechanical hardware and fixturing builds using predictable schedules and high-quality manufacturing.

A Straightforward, Agile Approach for Quality Final Solutions

With our lean manufacturing approach, we can deliver any volume of ATE and related equipment with consistency, speed, and value.