Simulate Real-World RFIU Performance During System Design with Proteus RFSim

Today, we announced Proteus RFSim, a model-based design tool for evaluating real-world performance of complex RFIUs using digital-twin design.

With Proteus RFSim, we can work with clients to easily simulate real-world RF assembly performance in the design phase. Proteus RFSim then digitally threads the RFIU specifications to Hiller Measurements and the company manufactures the custom RF hardware with agility and speed never before available.

Evolution from Traditional Guesswork to Real-World Simulation

Before Proteus RFSim, RF analysis tools were, at best, tied to a single vendor and often lacked a complete model library, even for the vendor’s components they were designed to model. This made relevant digital-twin modeling of custom RF assemblies nearly impossible. As a result, expected performance of final RFIU assemblies was relegated to basic spreadsheet-based loss calculations resulting in over-engineered or overbuilt solutions to ensure minimum performance requirements.

Proteus RFSim now offers a solution to design RFIUs with a greater degree of certainty. With this latest contribution of ‘Quality @ Speed’ from Hiller Measurements, users can perform design trade-off analysis, reducing design-cycle time by an order magnitude or more.

Seamless Transitions From Design to Manufacturing

Proteus RFSim combines a simple and intuitive interface for developing complex, functional RF block diagrams with the most robust library of actual component performance data in the industry. With Proteus RFSim completing all necessary path-level calculations, users can model assembly-level performance in seconds.

Furthermore, Proteus RFSim references its components from a variety of vendors as well as the ProteusRF Catalog, a comprehensive selection of high quality RF components with strategic supply chain availability for Hiller Measurements clients.

When selecting components from the ProteusRF Catalog, Hiller Measurements and its clients can compound the benefit of reduced design time with reduced supply chain cycle time. This not only allows for design and simulated real-world performance of an RFIU in minutes, but the ability to go from model to manufacture in weeks—all the while eliminating the need for additional, non-recurring engineering effort.

Experience Proteus RFSim

The Beta release of Proteus RFSim is free for a limited time. Build a design and create an account to save it for reference later by visiting

For additional questions, specific requirements, or to review saved designs with Hiller Measurements engineering, schedule a meeting with one of our engineer