Artists, Engineers & Entrepreneurs Episode 16: Rory Feely – HopFlyt

Innovation in personal and commercial aircraft isn’t just found in large corporations. Much of what is exhilarating about the future of flight is found in smaller “new aero” companies like HopFlyt. In this episode of ae2, we talk to one of HopFlyt’s co-founders, chief financial officer, and chief test pilot, Rory Feely, about the future of aviation.

In this exciting interview, we discuss a variety of technical and logistical challenges that HopFlyt is working through to achieve their goal of designing an aircraft that is electrically powered and can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, yet fly fast like an airplane, all while carrying passengers. Commander Feely also touches on his military experience and how he strives to provide military aviators at the US Navy Test Pilot School with both the technical and tactical skills they need.

To get a glimpse into the future of personal and commercial aviation and hear Commander Feely’s thoughts on how engineering becomes life when it leaves the page and goes out into the real world, watch the full interview below.

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Through ae2, our aim is to find the business model in the engineering mind, the drive and technique a gifted artist is developing, and the impact for good that outweighs the personal risk taken on by bold business creators. Overall, the goal of our series is to inspire viewers to step out, build, and create.

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