Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs: Pat Chapman, Painter

For many years, local artist Pat Chapman’s beautiful talent was hidden out of fear. She began playing with art as a teenager and even spent time as an oil portrait artist in her thirties, but she was afraid that people wouldn’t like her paintings. It wasn’t until last year, after constant encouragement from her husband, that Pat truly embraced her gift and began taking classes and working with an art coach. 

This episode of Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs (ae2) explores how Pat conquered her fear by surrounding herself with a community of artists and how she is giving back to that community.

Pat’s art, while having a universal quality that allows everyone to relate to it, is deeply personal. When she walks up to a blank canvas, she writes a word on it that captures how she’s feeling. Layer upon layer, this word guides the color choices and brush strokes and shapes that she creates. It may evolve once she sees her vision for the painting. A common motif of her paintings is a half hidden face with only one distinct feature: the person’s eye. It shows the dichotomy of how you see your self and how you are seen by others.

Another of Pat’s passions is the volunteer work that she does with Art From the Streets, a non-profit organization in Austin that provides an environment for artists experiencing homelessness to express themselves through art. The studio gives these artists a safe space to create using supplies provided by the organization. Through an annual art show and pop-up shows throughout the year, the artists are able to sell their work for a profit. In some cases, this has allowed artists to come in off the streets and find a home.

To hear more of Pat’s story, watch the episode below.

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