Medical Research in Space with Dr. Nadia Maarouf

In this latest episode of ae2, Citizen-Scientist Astronaut Candidate Dr. Nadia Maarouf joins us from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Maarouf shares her journey from competitive athlete, studying Olympic-style Taekwondo, to Medical Scientist / Crew Medical Officer for an upcoming mission at the Mars Desert Research Station – the largest and longest-running Mars surface simulation facility in the world.

She discusses growing up in Morocco, schooling at Oxford Brookes University and the University of Glasgow, and her current pursuits at The University of Calgary, where her foundation in the biomedical sciences and clinical pharmacology come together in the cardiac sciences. Maarouf’s most recent research involves studying the health of astronauts that spend extended periods in space; her hunch is that healthcare solutions for astronauts translate to solutions for aging and rural populations here on earth.

Throughout the conversation Maarouf emphasizes the importance of mentorship, support, life-long learning, and an adventurous spirit — did we mention one of her hobbies is Canyoning? To learn more about Maarouf, check out this episode of ae2

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