Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs Episode 1: Colin Black, CEO of CrowdStrike

Every artist, engineer, and entrepreneur that has been a part of creating a successful business, small or large, has taken a unique path and has a valuable story to share. But we often only hear stories about how the Elon Musks or Steve Jobs of the world brought their ideas to fruition. While these are valuable narratives, there’s still “unsung heroes” whose stories of creativity, grit, and perseverance need to be heard. Thus, we created Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs (ae2), a Web-series from Hiller Measurements shot at our Town Hall studio in Austin, TX, as a platform to tell these stories.

Along-form interview-style program ae2 explores thought leaders at the “business end” of companies, creative works, and research. In each episode, Hiller Measurements’ President Jeff Olsen explores the creative drive, personal motivations, and stories of perseverance of creative visionaries who are still “in the hunt.”

Through ae2, our aim is to find the business model in the engineering mind, the drive and technique a gifted artist is developing, and the impact for good that outweighs the personal risk taken on by bold business creators. Throughout the series, our intent is to inspire viewers to step out, build, and create.

In the inaugural episode of ae2, we sat down with Colin Black, chief operating officer at CrowdStrike, the leader in cloud-delivered cybersecurity. Colin’s story of going from quantum physicist to COO is a story worth considering for any professional aspiring for the C-Suite. Additionally, the airing of this episode comes at an interesting, and exciting, time for CrowdStrike, as the company has been in the news quite a bit recently. Just do a quick Google News search for CrowdStrike and you’ll see!

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