Artists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs: Brian Moore

If Dousic founder Brian Moore wrote an autobiography, it might be called “From Music to Technology and Back Again.” Brian grew up in Greenwood, MS where he developed his love of music. Growing up in a deeply religious family with a minister for a father, he was not allowed to listen to the blues at home, but developed a taste for the genre, as well as soul and Motown, anyway.

As a teenager, Brian would sneak out of the house to play music. It was at this early age that Brian got his first taste of the music business, when he became the de facto manager of the group he was in. After spending some time in the US Air Force, Brian moved to Houston where he was asked to co-manage a few musical acts, including a group called Girl’s Tyme (you might know them as Destiny’s Child). As the group worked toward signing a record deal, Brian was faced with deciding whether he wanted to continue managing and ultimately decided to pursue his other passion: computers.

Brian started as an analyst at Compaq and continued working in the computer industry for 18 years, working his way up to project management, and eventually playing a key role in mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career in the tech industry, Brian kept his ear on the music industry and noticed a shift in the music industry as things transitioned into the digital world. Previously, artists were making most of their money on record sales, but with new platforms like Napster, musicians were losing their source of income. Brian kept hearing the sad stories of musicians who were forced to leave the industry because their passion was no longer paying the bills.

Around this time, a group in Mississippi asked Brian if he would manage their act. He politely declined, but then he got this idea:

What if I take what I’ve learned from management, and take the technology that I’ve learned, and put it together and create a platform that can help these artists (not just one of them)? What if I give everybody a level playing field to be able to do what they love and make revenue from it?

Thus, Brian took a leap of faith (in the truest sense) and Dousic was born: an incubator that gives total control to the artist to learn the music and art-making industry, with realtime analytics.

In just a few short years, Brian and his team has built Dousic into a platform that is home to over 75,000 artists. Watch the video below to hear of Brian’s story and learn more about Dousic.

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