The “Why” Behind Hiller Measurements: Ensuring Innovation Works

Remember being asked this as a young person: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Or perhaps recently, you’ve met someone new and asked them: “What do you do for a living?” All are good questions. When we were young, what we wanted to do was often difficult to articulate. How we wanted to live? That was an easier question. What we wanted to do, though? That wasn’t so clear.

Perhaps even more challenging a question to answer, and of profound importance, is this one:

Why do we do what we do? Why does it matter?”

At Hiller Measurements, this is our reply:

We exist to ensure innovation works.

Right now, as you read this, there are satellites flying overhead, packed with groundbreaking technology and capability, operating as expected because they were tested by our test systems. The most ubiquitous electronic cars you and I see every day (and perhaps want one for ourselves) have significant portions of their power systems tested in production by Hiller Measurements kit. And, if you see an emergency defibrillator hanging on a wall in a store, airport, or airplane, there’s a good chance our systems have ensured the technology meant to save lives within them meet international standards.

The noble work done at Hiller Measurements is making sure the great thinkers, engineers, and creative minds we serve, successfully deliver their innovative products with fantastic capability and the highest of quality. It’s an enormous privilege we’ve been given to support the clientele we have.

It’s also our greatest challenge. Think of the speed of innovation today. Innovation isn’t just evolving quickly, it’s accelerating. If our purpose, our “why,” is ensuring innovation works for our customer, we have no other alternative than to innovate within Hiller at the same, or faster rate. Be assured, that innovation is happening.

Innovation is not easy. There are times when it’s not fun and times when it’s exhilarating. But, remaining agile, creative, and willing to stretch our thinking, commitment, and creativity to never settle for “as good as we’ve been” but only “as good as we could be” is work that has purpose and value.

As much as it’s an honor to support the clientele we keep, it’s an equal honor to contribute as an innovator at Hiller. For those of us who wear the Hiller badge, our calling is to innovate and to ensure your innovation works.