System development is more than rack, stack, fixtures, and LabVIEW. It’s about great design. For us, it’s a part of our history and in our DNA.


We consider your unique business and technical environment in designing common development strategies. Leveraging the COTS "MiPXIe" system, allows us to achieve tangible cost savings.


To optimize your total life-cycle expense and support, we provide complete documentation and support packages.


Satellite payloads, avionics, invasive medical devices, and battery management systems for high-end electronic vehicle  —  we've done it all.

custom fixtures

full service test program set

active and/or passive self test

custom RF interface and panel development

high power (multiple KW) to electro optical to microwave

system development

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custom to cots

Trim requirements. Cut costs. Improve performance.


We provide you with products aimed to address your specific needs. And we give you the guarantee of reliability and support. In this way, we are unique.


We look for ways to streamline your measurement requirements. We do this by designing modules, instruments, and chassis that address your specific needs.


We support these products as “Standard COTS” instruments. This gives you the same support as buying off-the-shelf hardware, but without the extra costs or excess features.

high reliability satellite payload test

single system design for both subassembly and box level test


  • PXIe based design leveraging MiPXIe for differential signal design including:
    • 128 ports of differential stimulus/ response with the capability to route any output to any input
    • FPGA design for arbitrary pattern generation and monitoring with RS-485 compatible drivers/ receivers.
    • Source and destination monitoring of all signals for waveform capture, voltage levels, and functional performance
    • 256 channels of general-purpose waveform capture
    • 128 channels of arbitrary waveform generation (16-bit, 0-35V and up to 500mA drive capability)
    • MiPXIe Card supported as a standard COTS part
  • Internal COTS cabling with short, maintainable CCA mapping to the desired DUT signal connections
  • Front panel display and rear mounted ZIF interface cabling to the DUT
  • Station controls and display located up to 300 feet away from station
  • Comprehensive self-test for system certification and maintenance


Of paramount importance to this application, was the need for a highly reliable and compact station design with the flexibility to operate from a fairly large distance from the station itself. Given the high number of I/O lines required, we designed a MiPXIe card from which all such signals are accommodated in 2 PXIe chassis.


All I/O to the DUT is routed through an interface drawer mapping COTS cables to specific DUT connectors. For remote operation, all connections are made from the back of the station including Ethernet connection for extension of display, keyboard, and mouse up to 300 feet away.




high voltage, high power      active load design

active load design for testing over 20 mission-critical power and voltage supplies to 2000V, 20A and continuous power levels to 8KW


  • Voltage levels from -450V to +2000V
  • Current levels from 20mA to 25A full scale
  • 0.1% voltage and current monitoring accuracy
  • Dynamic coupled load operation (loads adjusted in response to voltage/ current of 2 independent supplies)
  • Fully Ethernet-controlled with manual backup controls and displays
  • High reliability design for satellite test
  • Modular design for simple maintenance and repair
  • Extensive self-test and calibration capabilities


In spite of the high power capabilities of this design, the station is completely air-cooled and self-contained. Because it requires only standard AC and Ethernet connections, the station is portable and can be moved from lab to high bay without extraordinary facility connections. Additionally, it can be controlled remotely via Ethernet or manually from the front panel of the station.


The modular design allows for quick, 15-minute maintenance and/or replacement of any system assembly and complete system self-test or calibration in under 1 hour. This ensures high levels of up-time for a system of this complexity.




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